Thursday, May 18, 2006

Ab to Zinda Hoo (Kaise?)

What do you think? The freedom to make a decision is actually a boon or a pain?
Do you want to take all your decisions yourself or let someone better suited take it for you. If you are a liberal, you will pitch in for the first choice but do not dismiss the second. Because if you take decisions wihtout due considerations or those which you are not qualified to take, it may result in any consequence.

Today, I was standing on platform no.2, Kandivli. A local train came and stopped on platform 4. Apparently, somebody had pulled the chain and it was an unscheduled stop. The time to take a decision had come, and I ran to platform 4. Nobody was willing to take me inside the train and I had to remain hanging on the door.
Malad came and I started realising my mistake. My hands became numb and my legs started shaking half-way thruogh to Goregaon. It didn't take great intelligence to guess the future. But, I requested the passengers, told them my condiiton and they did help me somehow get in and I was saved. My initial assesment that there was space inside the train for one person was right but I overestimated my abilities of hanging on the doors.

A bad decision was just saved saved from becoming the last.


Rohit Bhute said...

Pompous (and wrong) choice of words for an act of stupidity that most people with common sense would have avoided. I believe you are trying to debate between impetuous and deliberated actions. Me taking the 7:20 bus to Andheri was a deliberated action. You hanging on by your fingers and toes (at around 8:45) was an impetuous action.

Unknown said...

well first i thought u were talking of DEES paper, but it was grave than that !! Aye baba aye, zyada lal nahi karne ka !! Yaad rakh, bus, train and ladki, ek gayi doosri aati hai!!

Source: Aamir Khan to Ajay Devgan from the movie Ishq.

Unknown said...

As the kids in your building says about you,'you are a Shiner'and truly you are.
What was the boldness about your decision?
You use brain in some activities when not required and that even on exam day!!!!!!
Hats off,bhim............
I am speechless!!!!!!!!!