Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Controversial Sania and Raj

Sania has made a very controversial decision by deciding not to play in the Bangaluru open where even the Williams sisters are set to play.
But, this decision has been a reaction to the constant torture faced by her from fellow Indians who can't see any other Indian succeed. An environment has been created where all merit is perceived to be foreign and nobody believes that India and Indians can so something great.
Though I was never interested in the girl or her sport, I remember a Sania with a "nath" in her nose. Today, Sania and any other typical European lady cannot be distinguished by the uninitiated. This is because the concept of beauty widely accepted by India today is of European origin.
Sania is just a victim of this "only foreign originated is good".

Coming to the hot topic of North Indians in Mumbai, instead of castigating Raj Thackeray, the leaders of the cow belt should introspect as to why do so many people move out of UP and Bihar and come to Mumbai and live in sub-human conditions. Whoever re-emphasizes that all Indian citizens have a right to settle in Mumbai an earn their living should first ask why any Indian citizen cannot buy and own a house/land in Kashmir or the north-eastern states.