Saturday, October 29, 2005

Freedom of choice

There are very many horrible miseries in life. One may suffer from physical pain, mental agony, tragedy, nature's wrath etc. On a particulat evening when I was coming home from the college, I was standing at Andheri Railway station PF 1. The trains usually come every 3-4 mins and so one has to hardly wait for one. But then it was around 7.15 pm and ther trains at this time are very crowded and come at a frequency of 10 mins. But then there are also trains to go to kandivli from PF-4(they are ususlly emptier). So I thought lets check up if there is a train from PF-4.What I learnt was this-There is train coming on PF-4 in 1 min and to PF-1 in another 1min. I was faced with the situation as to which train do I catch? which train would be less crowded and would give me a pleasanter journey. The decision making was the most painful (that was the day of our project presentation aur alreadyshot baitha tha).
Now I am faced with another choice THE ELECTIVE. After the OOAD experience, I am really worried. Going by my career goals (management) Project management is a good subject. But, is it a subject of which I would like to give a paper? (theoretical). The teaching methodology of PG kuch ras nahi aai, but then IIMS would be something like this only except that they would be strict and demanding. Again what would a subject like FACTS teach me? Am I going to use the subject matter in my future life?
Most of the OOAD guys are apprehensive and have the feeling that we would be inviting trouble by taking the subject.
I would be learning PM in a B-school, if I ever get into one. And I don't know how much practical applications I will learn from the elective.

And that is y I say no tragedy or situation is as bad as the one in which u are left alone to make a choice and then bear responsibility for it.
the most painful is the freedom to choose

Security of an Indian citizen

The news media has been crying joarse about the Delhi serial blasts showing scenes from the roadside and hospitals and government offices....
What we need to do is understand the implication of such blasts. Till a decade ago, militancy was faced only in J&K, but now it is a national phenomenon-Ayodhya, Akshardham, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Mumbai and the list continues. India is getting engulfed in the grip of Islamic terrorism. But what are we doing-reserving seats for the minorities in government institutions. A fool can also understand that the Jehad against Hindustan is to subjugate and control it and not merely to ensure what a minority rightly deserves. The rights and freedom of especially the minorities is wel guarded by the constitution and special bodies have been set up to ensure this. So claiming that Muslims are ill-treated (treated as secondary citizens is totally baseless.)

Today the situation is such that any Indian citizen cannot dare to venture out of house without thinking of the possibility of a bomb blast.
The other dimension of the security scenario is the Naxalite violence wihch has engulfed the heart of the Indian geographic territory. Everyday we have news reports of violence in Chhastisgard, Gadchirauli, Andhra, Jharkhand etc. The Indian state needs to ensure the safety od every citizen and the terrorists and the naxalites need to be dealt with severely and without any mercy.

On the contrary, what signals are we getting? Ceasefire with NAGA militants, unconditional talks with ULFA and Naxalites in Andhra.(The Naxalite problem is getting worse with the Maoists coming in.) Let alone this, Bangladesi rifles some office barer comes to New Delhi and accuses the hand of India behind the 493 bomb blasts that occured in Bangladesh recently. (Imagine, this country owes its esistence to India). India does nothing. There are repots of the Assam militants shifting base from Bhutan to Bangladesh and the ISI running dozeens of camps near the Indian border in Bangladesi territory. What is India doing about it? Bangladesh is neither a nuclear power nor can its army sustain an attack from India.

I didn't want to talk about this in this post, but then as I amin the mood for it...
I was reading a bit about the history of ASSAM. Today some 6 districts are Muslim majority and another 5-6 are on a verge of becoming one:with percentages of 35, 40, 49, 46 etc. During the partition, Jinnah demanded that Assam be a part of Pakistan. There has been mass migration of Bangladeshi Muslims in to Assam from the thirties.
There has been a statement by one Bangladeshi Prime minister that Bangladesh is economically viable only of Assam is clubbed with it. We need to wake up to these realities if well crafted, intentional plan to change the demography of India and usurp her territory by the Islamists.
The situatoin is becoming similar in West Bengal with the Muslim population in the border districts showing tremendous increase. Also if u are aware, Muslims constitute some 25-30 percent of Mumbai. rest of Maharastra just 8 percent.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


The last week has been some kind of a bad dream. We are going nowhere with our project. SP had a blast. The submissions including OOAD CAPS and all coming at the same time:very very frustrating. But then hard times bring in opportunities and the wise cease on the slightest scent of opportunity, so I plan to do the same.
But then then going is tough and so I(and you) need a nasha and here it is. Spot the thing every man is trying to find in a girl.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Lara ala... Lara gela

After observing lara in the Super Series one day games a notion in my mind for some days has got a concretised. See his attitude on the field, its like he is some big hury. He doesn't give himself any time to settle down and get his eye in. He starts with his strokeplay as soon as he arrives at the crease and plays some senseless shots which are categorized as awesome but only when he is in form (at the crease for large enough time). He just gets out playing those big drives so early in his innings.
What I feel is that, Lara's time in one days is over and he no longer has the attitude and temperament for this form of the game. He should concentrate all his efforts on the Tests where he is an angel and it is for Test cricket that he is born.