Saturday, March 25, 2006

magic in pipeline?

slept yesterday night at 2.30 am (was having a long chat with my father) and got up at 6.30 just to wake up to wet outfield and a delayed start to the West Indies Vs New Zeland Test. Play started and Lara came into bat in half an hour. watched Lara with anticipation and apprehension

Observations: lara had changed his style. His bat usually kisses the ground just before the bowler delivers the ball. Now it was hanging in the air. Maybe he wanted to be sure of not being late playing the ball. He was not having the extravagant "run" towards his off stump thus in the process exposing his leg stump. As a result he was able to leave deliveries that were much closer to his body.
Where do u see the world's leading run scorer working so hard and re-inventing himself after playing 15 years at the international level. Thats the grit, determination, flexibility and desire of Lara.
I get a feeling that a big inning is in the making. If not for the big score, one should see Lara bat for the patience, perseverance and determination to succeed whatever the odds that is reflected from his face and for the humility and honesty that he epitomises.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

End of Lara?

of late Lara has failed to gather runs. He has failed in 4 consecutive innings against the New Zelanders and in his previous tuor to Australia he had only one score out of six to show.
Is Lara past his time? Has the responsibility to single handedly carry the mantle of West Indian batting weighed him down? Or is it one of the slumps which will be overcomed by lara's characteristic determination and charisma.
Only time will tell-and Lara is trying very hard to woo the time on his side. He has actually lost substantial weight in the last 6 months.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Reporting from IIMA

Guys, I am in IIMA and I tell you this is a fabulous place.
Anyone from SPCE will immediately be awed by the hostel itself leave alone the other parts.
Though, I wonder at the absence of any security(nobody says anything wherever you go) once you enter the campus, especially after all the blasts occuring and India rapidly turning into an Israel.
I will be having my interview tomorrow for the FPM programme.
Looking forward to playing a few games (basket ball,badminton etc) in the meantime.
The place looks very empty and serene though a lot of activity is going inside its belly.

About the comment which akshat has left.
Go and read the "Hadis: religious faith or fanaticism" by Ram Swarup at
You may also read other books like:
1. what happened to Hindu temples
2. The Calcutta Quran petition.

Its not just a case of clerics instigating the uneducated. It is also in the philosophy and history of Islam that one observes so much violence and intolerance in the Islamic world (not just India and not just a couple of years or decades).
Go and read about the concept of Darul-Islam.

PS: If you want a brief summary of the above books/issues, mail me I will write to you

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Muslim phenomenon

Reports that we read in the newspaper.
2 killed in Lucknow during anti-Bush protests.
Protesters forced shopkeepers to shut shops which sparked off the fighting.
Police opened fire on mob when they expoded bombs and fired with pistols.

As a matter of fact-the prophet cartoons were never made/endorsed/published in USA.
So, don't the Muslims think/enquire before going on mass protests?
What is this way of protesting-exploding bombs? A man was shown firing in the air during the protests on NDTV. Everything starts and ends with violence-that too uninvitied and unnecessary?

Another news story that has become common in India- bomb expoded killing these many at this place (latest bus stand of Kozikode). India is becoming another Israel. Unless drastic measures are taken to contain the Muslims both at political/ideological and the security level, India is going to face a doom.