Tuesday, February 21, 2006

fida on hussain

We all have heard, read and may have even witnessed the violent protests by Muslims all over the world. Though I would be commenting on them in my next post, I would like to state some facts and awaken some dormant people.

Maqbul Fida Hussain-the great Indian painter whi was mad after Madhuri Dixit had recently painted a nude painting of Bharat mata. Why are Hindus protesting against it?
Their religious feelings are hurt, why? Goddess is a concept only in Hindu relogion. Muslims don't worship anyone other than Allah. Hence they also refuse to sing Vande Mataram.
Hussain'spology doesn't count because he had painted Hindu gods nude a decade ago-Hanuman, Sita, Saraswati, Ganga, Yamuna etc. Does anybody protest that? What are the Hindus doing?

For the freedom loving people, why doesn;t he draw nuse pictures of Prophet Muhammad's daughter or the Prophet having sex with his 81 wives and innumerable concubines?
Why does he find only Hindu Gods?

To those people who prefer to be secular Hindus- what will happen to your own religion if u keep shut and accept all insults and onslaughts. Secularism is not non-religiosness.
I am putting up one of the nude paintings drawn by MF-this is just to reinforce my point and for those who might think that I have cooked up an issue.
The picture has been taken from MF's own website.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Pro Nitght JAL

A was a rocking concert was presented by the Pakistani band Jal. SPCE and Mumbai will remeber the concert for a lot of days to come.
The evening started with a stampede to enter the Bhavan's ground. But all the dhakka bukki was tolerated because of the rocking performance from the band. Though people like me don't know much about music, I could easily guess that the band had the potential. On the face of it the style of all teh songs was similar, but the guitarist made the day playing different tunes for the same song.
People like Varun, Dani was in a trance and not in their senses to do anything ither than standing stunned and listen. People like me, manjrekar, Mallu, Vikas, Bhavesh and others were dancing to the end of our physical capabilities.
There was a slight glitch though. The calls of Hindustan zindabad were a little out of context and to some extent uncalled for. But, I must say we all enjoyed the Jhin jin Jhi Jhin Jhi jhin jhin dance (just as Varun enjoys the OAD dance.)

The above pic is dedicated to Vikas. Amrita looks very pretty in the pic though some work seems to have been done on her complexion

Monday, February 13, 2006

Shabri Kumbh

In India 4 kumbh melas are organised at Nashik, Haridwar, Allahbad and Ujjain once in 12 years. These kumbh melas have a special religious significance and are attented by aprroximatelly 2 crore people over a period of 1 month.
A 5th Kumbh Mela has been initiated from this year named as SHABRI KUMBH MELA in the Dang district of Gujarat which is believed to be the famous Dandakaranya of the Ramayan era. Shabri was the great Ram bhakt who fed Ram with jhoote ber so that she could ascetain whether what he ate were the sweetest. The kumbh has a special significance for the tribals and Hindu society as a whole.
The main purpose of the mela was to awaken and spread awareness among the Hindus about the conversions carried out by the Cristians. Some statistics floated in the newspapers reveal that 5% of the population of Dang district (92% tribal) is christian. Christians constitute 0.5% of the total population of Gujarat. But the real extent of Christian penetration and conversion can be guaged from the fact that when we enter the District HQ at AHWA, we don't see the administration buildings but the big church that stands beside the administrative buildings.
One may try to downplay the issue of conversions but all the no-Hindu dominated regions of India have a tendency of secession.
There were 30% Hindus is pre-partition East Bengal, today there are less than7%.There were approx 25% Hindus in Pakistan before partition, today there are not even 1%.

Today we have talk of reservations in the army on the lines of religion as if parity of numbers in the army/police based on communal lines ensures safety of citizens.
We have Muslims worshipping at the Saraswati Mandir in BHOJSHALA (Madhya Pradesh) built by Raja BHOJ and the media accusing Hindus of aggression.
So, Indians and Hindus please become aware of the demography of India and the difference between Hindu religion and other monotheistic religions and save your future generations.

After the heavy handed propaganda, enjoy the pic. I am back to Katrina as demanded by the most avid appreciator of the pictures.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The engineers

I would like to start elaborating the different motivations and ideations of the slang used in SPCE. I think varun has gone through the exercise but I would try and be more candid and condescending

Today is the day of the engineers.
Who is an engineer?

There are many among us who joined engineering because of our marks and because we thought this would be the right line. But, after year or two realised that we are no good at the technical nittie-gritties. So what happens when one suddenly realises that the one thing he has been hoping and working for is not his? The person starts finding recluse in something which he enjoys and finds a certain peace in being. This something may be drinking, gymkhana, self mockery, derisioning others, collecting pictures of models etc.
So, the "Hum bhi hai Josh main" comes in. So what if I faint before the external examiner? I am the tiger in the gymkhana. The engineers make their own turf and they are the kings there. It is the only place where they get respect and attention and a feeling of self-worth. The engineers are happy that there is at least one thing on which they have a hang and to guard it they give everything they have.
Such are engineers and each of us is an engineer to some or the other extent.

Writing off the post from the Engineer of SPCE........

PS: There was bhari demand from our very own pic collector to post a pic.
So here is a former Miss India finalist (1997). She is "marathi manoos jaga ho: stuff.

I have changed the pic on popular demand and if u people still don't like it... then do whatever u would have advised me to do if our roles were interchanged