Tuesday, January 31, 2006

pic post

My friend says that posting a picture is trivialising the power of a blog, but he doesn't understand that posting a pic is the motivation behing the very post. Without the pic, the words don't come. This pic is dedicated to the one who believes in the same ideology. So enjoy Takia, but just remember door se, no masti. Leave all the other feelings for me.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Tere ghar mein der hai andher nahi

After attempting a marathon this year and fainting just a few meters before the finish line, I come to know now that after all the finish line I was looking at is not the only one in the run. I was still good enough for the long race.

Decryption- Got 96.53 percentile in CAT 2005, no calls from any of the IIMs.
Little chance of getting calls from other good institutes.
But, bingo! I have applied for the Fellow Programme in management and I get call from IIM C. So now I get up, refresh myself and start preparation for the ultimate marathon.

Now time for the babe, katrina is a bomb and her latest picture with Akki Baba is going to rock. I just need some of u friends to come with me so that I don't go wild.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Less controvercial post (for a change)

Now-a-days most of my conversations turn into altercations and I am in a firefighting position trying to heckle out a compromise. That Emraan always sees in the opposite direction. But, thats good, I am learning deliberation and negotiation.
Taking that topic apart, I was wondering whether I would be able to keep commitments.
But I am determined and come what may amey will succeed.
I am going to Aurangabad and will write a post only on my return in the weekend. Hope u people would have enjoyed the double RD (drives) lecture on Thursday at 9. ( I am not confirming that it will take place though RD will be more than happy.)

About this girl Ayesha Takia, she is the cutest actress in Bollywood, if u don't like her face, u know what to look for. But, the traditional Indian definition of beauty applied to her is more than enough to mesmerise a guy. And she is our age, we can aank utha ke dekh at her.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

To Narak and Back

This is a story of an innocent young adult named Kunal. He studies in a famous engineering college and is doing his BE project in a reputed company. His project partner is a guy called Emraan.
One day, they need to purchase a few electronic components. So, the two decide to go to Lamington Road: a place in Mumbai famous for the availability of electronic products and many other services. The two purchase the required items and Emraan suggests that they also get the switch board from the same area on which to mount the electronic components. Kunal unsuspectingly agrees to this and to get the box drilled follows Emraan who leads the way.
Kunal is fond of travelling and hence is looking at the buildings, shops, restaurants and the people around. Slowly a pattern starts emerging. He can’t read the sign boards on the shops-the script is unknown to him. Then, he notices that the people around don’t look the same as he is used to see in his 20 year sojourn on earth. He doesn’t care much though. He moves ahead behind Emraan. But, soon enough he realises that he is in a foreign land equipped only with his tongue which can make compliant noises. He is completely at the mercy of Emraan and the latter behaves as if he is well aware of this. Emraan is a changed person and he is no longer the sombre, good natured, humble person. Kunal tries hard not to get frightened and least of all to show it on his face. He knows that behaving like a dumb dog is his only chance of ret urning to his family-dead or alive.
Kunal is lucky; this is just a trailer shown by Emraan to him. They get the work of drilling the plastic box done from a slightly familiar looking man. Kunal is relieved to see a familiar face though he is not reassured on seeing him-only the face is like the others-everything else might be the same. After returning home, Kunal is disturbed but, he has learnt his lessons and immediately goes to the community gathering, for the first time, held in his locality by some elders.