Sunday, May 21, 2006


IST 8.00pm, 20-05-2006, West Indies comes into bat. Within two overs, Gayle and Morton disappear. Lara comes into bat at score 1 with 2 wickets down. I am very happy, will get to see Lara batting for a long time.
IST 8.45pm, Lara out to a loose shot. He as well as me-totally frust. I totally lose hope from the match, though I keep track of the score as Sarwan is still in there.

Next day morning, I just check the results out of curiosity and I see a jubilant Bravo on cricinfo.
Moral: Never lose hope, try and keep trying even if the circumstances are totally against you. And yes, don't undermine the West Indies and especially Lara.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Ab to Zinda Hoo (Kaise?)

What do you think? The freedom to make a decision is actually a boon or a pain?
Do you want to take all your decisions yourself or let someone better suited take it for you. If you are a liberal, you will pitch in for the first choice but do not dismiss the second. Because if you take decisions wihtout due considerations or those which you are not qualified to take, it may result in any consequence.

Today, I was standing on platform no.2, Kandivli. A local train came and stopped on platform 4. Apparently, somebody had pulled the chain and it was an unscheduled stop. The time to take a decision had come, and I ran to platform 4. Nobody was willing to take me inside the train and I had to remain hanging on the door.
Malad came and I started realising my mistake. My hands became numb and my legs started shaking half-way thruogh to Goregaon. It didn't take great intelligence to guess the future. But, I requested the passengers, told them my condiiton and they did help me somehow get in and I was saved. My initial assesment that there was space inside the train for one person was right but I overestimated my abilities of hanging on the doors.

A bad decision was just saved saved from becoming the last.

Monday, May 08, 2006

What I saw in my friends.

I missed Varun's name when I first published this post. He was an obviuos choice for inclusion in the post and that is the exact reason why I missed writing about him. I would not be writing anything about him in this post. He has been the inspiration for me to start and continue writing the blog.

1. Yogesh Tarate: Has anybody seen this guy not smiling? Whatever the situation, whatever the challenge: this guy is always happy to be there at that moment. He taught me to look forward to life and face it with optimism.
2. Vidyadhar Bhise: “Nothing is impossible. Tension nahi hai, shyam tak ho jayega.” How to believe in yourself and especially your convictions is worth learning from this guy.
3. Rohit Bhute: Observing this guy will tell you how to approach technology and English language. This person has a sharp intellect, logical and clear thinking.
4. Pramod Gupta: The most honest and desirable friend one can have. He will never fail your trust and you can expect him to be always there for you. He also carries out his duties with utmost reverence. He is my guru-this is the guy who introduced me to the world of carom.
5. Vikas Dixit: Very quick witted: can think on his toes. He has a very good presence of mind. Has a good, cultured personality. Will die for a friend, but will never desert him. Learn friendship from him. One thing is for sure, you will enjoy his company-very humorous.
6. Aditya Save: Has immense potential to do hard work. Exactly when you think he can’t beyond this point, he overcomes all the barriers and surpasses your imagination.
7. Bhupendra Amodekar: I have always felt at home in his company. If you want to learn how to build and maintain a network of friends, learn this art from Dahisar Mania and especially its leader-Bhupi.
8. Anwesh Das: How to bare the brunt even though you don’t deserve such treatment and still come out of the situation smiling and ever stronger. He is very intelligent and multi-talented.
9. Sridhar Narayanan: If anybody can give competition to Save, he is that person. I am trying to solve the puzzle as to how this guy manages to do so many things at the time.
10. Hrishikesh Thite: How this man survives to live another day is a mystery to me. He would eat and drink just seconds before he would die exhausted but won’t do the same earlier as it was not required so early. He does all the work as late as possible (should have been born in Japan) but still manages to do the best job. One more thing, has excellent contacts, especially his saasu ani mavshi.
11. Swapnil Jadhav: This person does his job without bothering about the numerous jokers around him. Before you prepare to take guard, he is past the finishing line.
12. Nirbhay Singhal: This guy amazes with his energy and enthusiasm and an always ready attitude. He is the right person when you need adventurism and courage. Also, he is true to his name; absolutely nidar.
13. Piyush Shah: Just one sentence; He is the Karna of our class-an embodiment of all the qualities mentioned above.

What Rs. 50,000 crores can do!

Anyone of the following things can be done with that kind of money.
• 10 IITs.
• 10 IIMs
• 10,000 primary schools assuming 5 crore capital investment per school. Each
school would teach at least 1000 students, thus the money would provide
education to 10 million children.
• Metro rail for Mumbai with a carrying capacity of 4 million per day.
• Slum rehabilitation: Assuming Rs. 1million per house, homes for 0.5 million
• Employment guarantee: Assuming minimum wage of Rs. 100 per day for 200
days in a year, employment can be provided to 2.5 million people.
• 10 million computers with broadband connectivity for 1 year.
• CNG distribution infrastructure for at least 5 cities of the size of Mumbai.
• Sewage treatment (100%) for all the waste generated by Mumbai.
• Assuming Rs. 1 million per public toilet ( with proper maintenance and sewage
disposal) catering to 100 people per day, 0.5 million toilets can be built which
would service 50 million people (equivalent to 3 Mumbais).

Just imagine what difference each of the above measures would make to the Indian
society and economy.

But, you must be wondering from where to get the Rs. 50,000 crore. Simple: stop giving subsidies on petrol, diesel, LPG and kerosene and that kind of money will be available per year.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Waiting for the day

Its 3rd May and less than a month to go for the last exam of Engineering to get over.
I a dying for this. The 8th Sem has given me quite bad experiences and I am in a mood to forget SP soon. But, in SPCE I also has a lot of memories and have made a lot of friends. I am planning to write a post similar the awards posts started by Varun, bhise, bhute. Hope u people will look forward for the same.
For the last few weeks since my incepttion into Bhute's team my life seems to have taken the turn that was written by Bhute and I totally into role playing. I have truly been roughed up as a random variable. But, guys Bhute dude has formed his teams of the right persons and I am fit for this rough job.