Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Waiting for the day

Its 3rd May and less than a month to go for the last exam of Engineering to get over.
I a dying for this. The 8th Sem has given me quite bad experiences and I am in a mood to forget SP soon. But, in SPCE I also has a lot of memories and have made a lot of friends. I am planning to write a post similar the awards posts started by Varun, bhise, bhute. Hope u people will look forward for the same.
For the last few weeks since my incepttion into Bhute's team my life seems to have taken the turn that was written by Bhute and I totally into role playing. I have truly been roughed up as a random variable. But, guys Bhute dude has formed his teams of the right persons and I am fit for this rough job.

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Varun Rajkumar said...

atleast i am looking forward to it...................