Saturday, September 23, 2006

Confessions of a sinner

You may consider this as some kind of a postscript to my 'Ab toh Zinda Hoon' blog-entry.
After travelling in the company bus for the past couple of months, I now had to travel in train again on Saturday. Thinking that the trains would be relatively empty, I chose this mode of transport over road. But, then my calculations had gone wrong and I could clearly see that I would remain standing on Kandivli station for an hour before I could board any train.
A thought suddenly struck me, why not travel in 1st class till Malad and catch the starting train at 8.35 am? I would be travelling in 1st class for just one stopover and then get back to 2nd class. I don't know whether it was a big sin travelling in the compartment I was not entitled to. My circumstances dictated my actions. Can't decide who the bigger sinner is; me or the railway planning authorities who forced me to do such a thing?
Is there anything like right or wrong? Or the fact that I ensured because of my travelling 1st class, I didn't put anybody in inconvenience. (I was standing at the door without occupying anybody alse's place)

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