Friday, September 30, 2005

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I am back after a long and irritating week where my net was down.
Varun has written a lot of pleasant things about me and I am very embarassed. I am not as intelligent and edifying as he has suggested. I am a person capable of doing everything, I can be with all types of people, so no tabooing. About the "principles" things that varun has said, yes I fervently believe in them, but if sometime later I think that the chains with which I have restricted my Kurukshetra have no meaning, I discard them shamelessly and without any guilt or any other reservation. One has to accept if he was wrong and correct and adapt. I make new rules for me and YES, I do believe in people but I am not afraid to kick them in the face if they do the same thing to me WITHOUT any provocation from me. As to the fact that it was me whose actions started the confrontation, then I like to quickly diffuse the tension because I think fighting is sheer waste of energy.


Varun Rajkumar said...

u are better of doing OOAD dance..
and one more thing... the Hindu country has a management tooo...

amey ashok kulkarni said...

Varun don't forget though the subjects of a Hindu country may be non-Hindu, the governing breed will have to conform and live(emulate) with the Hindu ideology. But then u have taken the first steps to accepting the hindu stand and hence u stand eligible.

Rohit Bhute said...

Hinduism doesn't own this (or any other)land. To live here, I don't have to conform to anything. Your talk reeks of the Aryan Farms that the Nazis set up in the Third Reich. Despicable. You know something - except for some obviously different words, your litany sounds like an Al-Qaeda tape broadcast on Al-Jazeera.

I say this - the era when nations and civilizations survived on religion is long past. Information and money are the new bulwarks of a nation. And I suspect, your favorite organisations are awash with cash.

amey ashok kulkarni said...

Bhute wrote:
>To live here, I don't have to conform >to anything.
where did I say this?
>And I suspect, your favorite >organisations are awash with cash.
If that was so the missionaried would long have been a history in India AND
what do u see outside the railway stations in Mumbai (the costliest real estate in the world) MOSQUES. Recollect when we come home from college, we hear Ajan from the Andheri mosque, remember Bandra, Borivali, Jogeshwari (which was/is origibnally Parsi) and the list goes on.
Where do u see the cash rich temples? built by the cash rich organisation or otherwise.

Rohit Bhute said...

"where did I say this?" --> "the governing breed will have to conform and live(emulate) with the Hindu ideology"
- breed is a very ugly word. What are you going to do? Cross-pollinate DNA strands to get the Supreme Arya?

"Where do u see the cash rich temples? "
- Siddhivinayak, Shirdi, Kashi, Mathura and don't tel me that all those templaes built in slendid white marble and beautiful tiles, are cash strapped. Why, even road-side shrines (illegal, by the way) are now encased in marble.

And you skipped your implication of Aryan Farms, but that is to be expected.