Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The great SPtrical debate

We people have been debating amongst ourselves on many topics viz. Hindutva, Hindu society, reservations etc. The feeling I get is this- we don't listen to each other(basically all of us are poor listeners), we are not sensitive to each others views adn the debate of late is on the verge of transforming itself into an altercation.
Since we are not going to accept what the other says and not going to change even an iota, lets stop the topic at least for the time being. We can better invest our energies in the OOAD dance (and studies).

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Varun Rajkumar said...

Live and Let live....This is a very valid thought.Most of "us" here are biased.. in thoughts.. and as a result u never try to understand what the others are saying.Never force yourselves on another person.. trying to prove him wrong.That's what I have always being saying.... let the Individual decide what's right and wrong... lets not have others deciding for him..

Ya.. to more constructive things now..