Friday, September 16, 2005


Today was a routine day with some sleep, some studies, some chatting, some quarelling, but no masti (net was down).
Life is hell with all these studies, can't complete even 10% of the target for the day. Have been programming for hours and have been only able to have a long chat with save, bhute and ONE ybusformation program(function).
Heard that some Muslim organisations have threatened Sania Mirza over her on-court attire. I would openly invite her to come to the Hindu fold, there are no restrictions on the individual, and he/she is free to do anything. Even atheists are permitted, so she can still read Namaz 5 times a day and call herself Hindu. Atleast she would be saved fron the fundamentalists.(actually leaving Islam deserves a punishment which is instant death, but then maybe the Indian constitution will come to her rescue.)
"Hutch Telecom Reportedly Helping Christian Fundraising Drive in India"
This news item has appeared on the RSS website (go and read it if interested)
It says that Hutch provided the adresses of its customers to WorldVision (a christian organisation) and the latter had been sending letters requesting to sponsor a child with his education.
I confirm this because I received such a letter. The letter doesn;t mention that it is a christian Organisation. I was saved as a few days back I had received a similar letter from CRY but it mentioned that it is christian organisation.
So people awake and resist "harping of souls" by the missionaries.


Rohit Bhute said...

"threatened Sania Mirza"
- issued a fatwa, toned downed immediately by aother parallel Muslim organisation.

"no restrictions on the individual" - Interesting. My mother doesn't allow me to eat eggs and meat on Thursdays, saying it will violate my religion. And I pity you becuase you are not allowed to eat meat. Go and look in a mirror. Grin and see your teeth. See those canines? Humans have evolved to eat non-veg too. Over millions of years of evolution have been negated by religious restrictions.

And the burkha originated in the veil (what is it called? "bahu, sir dhak ke ghar ke bahar jaao". The Muslims who invaded India absorbed many facets of the prevalent culture, among them ,the practice of covering up women. This got reflected back to West Asia
(along with the fabulous style of architecture now seen in the ruins of Saracen in southern Spain, yes, Spain was once under Muslims). you think the religion which spawned the Arabian Nights (some of the Nights are, frankly, adult-only) spread the burkha?

"she is free to do anything"
- Guess she gets to celebrate Valentine's Day in peace.

"atheists are permitted"
- Come again? Isn't that a paradox?

"leaving Islam deserves a punishment"
- and what of those who left the benevolent chhatrachhaya of Hinduism in Dr. Ambedkar's footsteps? The existence of "Buddhawadis" throughout Maharashtra's villages bears testament to the ostrasizing of those who have left the religion.

"Hutch Telecom Reportedly Helping Christian Fundraising Drive in India"
- This is the time to prove yourself. Drop Orange. Get an Airtel or IDEA conection. So, people awake. Stop harvesting of souls. And let the child continue as a labourer.

When you burn on a pyre, or get buried in a coffin or get pecked at by vultures in a fire temple, you don't belong to any religion. You are just a dead human returning to Nature.

amey ashok kulkarni said...

well, about the punishment a Muslim deserves for leaving ISLAM, I am not proclaiming a pounishment.
Prophet Mohammed has himself handed out such punishments and this truth one can find in the Hadith which is as equally important as the Quran because its a historical record and gives the context in which the revelations have been made.This is how Islam works. Go by the Quran and the Hadith.

About the Fatwa, it is issued by someone who is learned (scholar) in Islamic studies (through the Masjid eg not somebody in the Aligard Muslim University AMU). Nobody can negate it. The authority to issue a Fatwa is absolute. Some other school of thought may produce abother Fatwa which might interpret the books in a different way.

And I didn't find mention of any FATWA in the news item.

As to the atheists, yes they are permitted in Hinduism. An atheist may regard Science or whatever equivalent to God and Hinduism doesn't restrict anybody to any particular God.

About Ghoongta, very good story bhute, expand it a little and it could turn into the next crooswaord bestseller.

About the non-veg diet, it takes 7 times more food to feed a non-vegetarian as he is one level ahead in the food chain. U are consuming more of the nature into which u will finally become one with after ur death. U get the same nutririon from vegetarian food and so havce it.

Did u read the news item on the RSS website? It also mentions that only those who belive in Christ can become members of the organisation. Now imagine who is going to benefit from their charity? Why not give the money to the RSS affiliated organisations atleast they serve everybody and in return don't ask people to get converted to Hinduism.

Rohit Bhute said...

"is how Islam works. Go by the Quran and the Hadith."
- my point was Hinduism; or rather Hindus are also harsh on those who leave the Hindu religion.

"authority to issue a Fatwa is absolute"
- now its you who are hardening the fundamentalism in Islam. A fatwa is just an opinion. Its authority lies in the authority of the person issuing it. As you well know, a rational human is free to disregard any or all opinions. Its ironic that you should reinforce the radical avatar of fatwa rather than its moderate one, which can help your cause. It seems you want to push things over the edge.

"I didn't find mention of any FATWA in the news item"
- even better then. That brings it to the level of an opinion expressed in a press conference, to speak of.

"atheists, yes they are permitted in Hinduism"
- Don't see where nothing is. For an atheist, nothing, not even science, is elevated to God status, simply because God is a nobody. If the facts are beyond doubt, an atheist will doubt science itself. And if anything can be a God in Hinduism, let the Muslims have their Allah.

"About Ghoongta, very good story bhute, expand it a little and it could turn into the next crooswaord bestseller"
- you don't believe me. In fact, you believe your culture to be the supreme one. Arya. Your loss. Ever read Arabian Nights? And by the way, this paragraph seemed riddled with spelling mistakes. And I won't aim for just Crossword, I aim for NYT World Bestseller.

As for your diet paragraph, what can I say? "Oh great lord, forgive me my crime of consuming more than is my rightful share. May you take from me and give it to those veggies". Happy?

You missed the point, dork. About the restrictions that Hinduism enforces. And what about Valentine's Day celebrations? And when are you giving up your Orange SIM card in protest? You conveniently skip the questions. Better answer them.

"atleast they serve everybody"
- everybody? Then why do other organisations have so much market share, to speak of? Just today, In Times, I read of some tribes in North-East being converted to Judaism. Officially, they can ask for Israeli citizenship. How do you want to protest? By cancelling the Phalcon radars that we ordered from Israel?

Hrishikesh said...

I did not know CRY was a Christian Organization. I hope I interpreted the statement right. Or is it that CRY has lent it's trademark to some Chirstian Organization?

And plus, if that Christian Organization is really helping some children, I really see no problem. One more junk in the house.

Personally, we (my family) contributes to Snehasadan, so we won't do any more charity.

Plus, most of the stuff that comes from Orange is not sent by the comany as such. It is sent by the dork of the dealer who sold you your connection. Trust me, Orange as an corporate organization is very good. It's the stupid dealers and franchisees that make it look dumb. But then again, that's my experience. And, you are on postpaid, postpaid always seems to be on the suffering side.

And also, if you felt as much hurt by Orange sending you that mailer, complain to them. I am sure they'll listen. They have, to me.

And head over to my blog, to read this post. Then read the book. The third chapter does address the censorship issue somewhat.

Varun Rajkumar said...

As for the Sania Mirza thing:

Today Muslim women's organization have come out in support of Sania..
Forget hindu, idiot can enforce anyhting on anybody.
It's more important to see that Orange is supporting something..
If the RSS has balls.... they may do the same.. rather than jumping on political leaders...

amey ashok kulkarni said...

>>If the RSS has balls.... they may do >>the same.. rather than jumping on >>political leaders...

Now that varun has become aware of the Sangh affiliated organisations, he may take back his words.
Also the most visible work of RSS is seen byh Varun as being done through BJP, but then the media doesn't highlight the other organisations, Togadia bangign his chest and Giriraj Kishore shouting hoarse make news and this is exactly what we must avoid

Varun Rajkumar said...

.. seriously...The RSS should take development in its agenda...whtever the sangh does... I am not against it....but.. seriously..well u wont understand

Rohit Bhute said...

"media doesn't highlight the other organisations"
- so the head-guy in the Sangh parivar should ask those chimpanzees to keep a real low profile and instead, bring out the Great Hindu Rescue Mission which you say is ignored. Its their fault. The media earns more by reporting those tarzan acts rather than the "good work" that you say they are doing.

And answer this question. Say, those missionaries had never come. Suppose (hypothetically) that Hinduism was the only religion in India. Would those people have still done their "good work"? Bet your money on NO.

And I'm getting sick of your arguments too.

You are worried about erosion of your culture? It will survive even if you alone practise it diligently. So drop your filthy non-hindu habits (like ogling at girls, disrespecting your gurus by bunking to play carrom, etc.) and preserve your culture yourself first.

If you are that worried about conversions, rush food supplies, medicines, arrange for power distribution, sanitation and development planning before those bastard missionaries get there.

Consider this.

You are in a desert for 19 hours and 59 minutes. The human body can remain conscious for 20 hours without a drop of water in desert conditions. After that, its a slow slide towards death. Now, if a mullah walks up and says, "Hi dude. Allah is benevolent on you. Drink this water". What would you do?

Replace mullah by missionaries, water by food, any food, desert by the forests of our North-East and put the tribals in your place.

Varun Rajkumar said...

am borrowing it from bhise

But Bhim.. Bhute.. legaya!!!

Rohit Bhute said...

"The media earns more by reporting those tarzan acts rather than the "good work" that you say they are doing."
- guess why? Becuase the people (a good majority of them hindus) prefer knowing about those chimps than the so called good work. And why would you prefer knowing about something? Becuase you believe in it at some level of rational thought and want to reinforce your beliefs. The same way you keep polishing up your knowledge of good points of Hinduism and bad points of other religions.