Monday, January 23, 2006

Tere ghar mein der hai andher nahi

After attempting a marathon this year and fainting just a few meters before the finish line, I come to know now that after all the finish line I was looking at is not the only one in the run. I was still good enough for the long race.

Decryption- Got 96.53 percentile in CAT 2005, no calls from any of the IIMs.
Little chance of getting calls from other good institutes.
But, bingo! I have applied for the Fellow Programme in management and I get call from IIM C. So now I get up, refresh myself and start preparation for the ultimate marathon.

Now time for the babe, katrina is a bomb and her latest picture with Akki Baba is going to rock. I just need some of u friends to come with me so that I don't go wild.


Varun Rajkumar said...

We better not go with you...u would become despo and probably run "wild all over us!!!"

Kat is a babe... Agrees!!!( My resistance to ash has reduced considerably!!)

You can probably take the girl, I asked you to take a picture of....
with you!!

The best in life for you....

Rohit Bhute said...

Congrats on the call, man! So, what exactly does it mean? You doing an MBA+PhD or what? It looks like you were hedging your bets.

Varun Rajkumar said...

Super sexy pic.. again!!

Unknown said...

Bhim you would have heard marathi proverb,"Andhala magto ek dola,dev deto don dole".Just like that you wish to do MBA and god has given you to do MBA+Phd,so go have crack on it.My best wishes are always with you.
Let our despodum should rule in IIM-C.