Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Less controvercial post (for a change)

Now-a-days most of my conversations turn into altercations and I am in a firefighting position trying to heckle out a compromise. That Emraan always sees in the opposite direction. But, thats good, I am learning deliberation and negotiation.
Taking that topic apart, I was wondering whether I would be able to keep commitments.
But I am determined and come what may amey will succeed.
I am going to Aurangabad and will write a post only on my return in the weekend. Hope u people would have enjoyed the double RD (drives) lecture on Thursday at 9. ( I am not confirming that it will take place though RD will be more than happy.)

About this girl Ayesha Takia, she is the cutest actress in Bollywood, if u don't like her face, u know what to look for. But, the traditional Indian definition of beauty applied to her is more than enough to mesmerise a guy. And she is our age, we can aank utha ke dekh at her.

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get ur spellings right dude...dontcha think i am acting like bhute(for a change)