Tuesday, January 03, 2006

To Narak and Back

This is a story of an innocent young adult named Kunal. He studies in a famous engineering college and is doing his BE project in a reputed company. His project partner is a guy called Emraan.
One day, they need to purchase a few electronic components. So, the two decide to go to Lamington Road: a place in Mumbai famous for the availability of electronic products and many other services. The two purchase the required items and Emraan suggests that they also get the switch board from the same area on which to mount the electronic components. Kunal unsuspectingly agrees to this and to get the box drilled follows Emraan who leads the way.
Kunal is fond of travelling and hence is looking at the buildings, shops, restaurants and the people around. Slowly a pattern starts emerging. He can’t read the sign boards on the shops-the script is unknown to him. Then, he notices that the people around don’t look the same as he is used to see in his 20 year sojourn on earth. He doesn’t care much though. He moves ahead behind Emraan. But, soon enough he realises that he is in a foreign land equipped only with his tongue which can make compliant noises. He is completely at the mercy of Emraan and the latter behaves as if he is well aware of this. Emraan is a changed person and he is no longer the sombre, good natured, humble person. Kunal tries hard not to get frightened and least of all to show it on his face. He knows that behaving like a dumb dog is his only chance of ret urning to his family-dead or alive.
Kunal is lucky; this is just a trailer shown by Emraan to him. They get the work of drilling the plastic box done from a slightly familiar looking man. Kunal is relieved to see a familiar face though he is not reassured on seeing him-only the face is like the others-everything else might be the same. After returning home, Kunal is disturbed but, he has learnt his lessons and immediately goes to the community gathering, for the first time, held in his locality by some elders.


Varun Rajkumar said...

What are you trying to say??

That you got scared by a bunch of muslims???

Firstly, the names suck. Big time. Kunal and Emraan... you could have thought of better names....

If you are writing a story, mention it. The thing neither has a head nor a tail....

And, what's the deal in attending a community meeting.. at the end of all this???

And no 20 yr old is ever innocent.

If its for your XAT skills....then I leave it to Bhute for the Language score!!

Unknown said...

Bhim,what are you trying to say? Are you afraid of saying it on your blog?
When I read that you consider yourself an innocent,I just got pissed as if someone is kicking my butt.
It also suggests your companion was brave than you!(sridhar???)
And you said that you had gathered communal meeting for story-telling your experience,your antics shows your real attitude and it really deserves middle finger salute!

Rohit Bhute said...

Pathetic. I wrote essays with better structure in my fourth grade - maybe it had to do with the primary level scholarship exam - *shrugs* - but still... its frightening to know that people like you will be drafting corporate policies that will influence a fifth of the world's population.

And Bhim, for once, stop shitting. If it had not been for that Muslim guy, your pathetic excuse of a switchboard would have remained as an idea in your head. Are you insinuating something against Sridhar? I told you frankly that day (and twice too!) where you stand with your current attitude.

If you want a real test, do this. I'll evaluate it (Scout's honor). As you may or may not be aware, Russia has cut off (subsidised) gas supply to Ukraine. Try writing a 1500-3000 word essay covering all aspects of the situations in brief, and concentrating on political/economic/strategic repercussions on critical gas pipeline projects in Central, West and South Asia.

BTW, my book? 19 days to go before I take it back.

Save. Dude. There's a thing called a one finger salute. More civilized to use, ne?

Rohit Bhute said...

This is disturbing. You have (pathetically) tried to portray the others (guess, you don't have the guts to put a label, eh?) as some alien species that have to be contained, quarantined and what not.

So tell me, what lesson has this moron called Kunal learnt? As for a community gathering consisting of elders... a gathering of elders is hardly a community gathering, unless you are implying that only the elders in Kunal's community have the right to the basic need of interacting with other humans.

For all of his terror and bravado (Oh. My. God. Poor innocent Kunal caught amongst carnivorous aliens and betrayed by Emran), I have authentic sources saying he was peddling porn on Grant Road station, platform 1.

Grow up.

Why did I write this? I had time to spare and flame, thats why.


first of all pandit bhim..i appreciate ur intentions of putting ur emotions..but to tell u..be more open...straightaway take names...and write better dude..i being frm vernacular may write better than this..
and one more...consider the marathis issue also..dun b just stick to muslims..coz muslims are the farthest threat...i understand it is..but..first as i said tht day..get ur home clean..and then take the guns out...


first of all pandit bhim..i appreciate ur intentions of putting ur emotions..but to tell u..be more open...straightaway take names...and write better dude..i being frm vernacular may write better than this..
and one more...consider the marathis issue also..dun b just stick to muslims..coz muslims are the farthest threat...i understand it is..but..first as i said tht day..get ur home clean..and then take the guns out...

Varun Rajkumar said...

ohh boy o boy....

Bhim, my dear, this post is gonna rock!!!

An innocent Kunal ... & PORN?????

Probably the unknown aphrodisiac within Kunal came out flying when he saw those semi clad girls...

and believe me, I have seen "Kunal" running after every girlin Bhavan's campus..

this is already rocking!!!

Unknown said...

Well, there is not much criticism necessary since you already have received so many, but like all the previous comments suggests, there is absolutely no link or should no clarity on the idea which you hope to convey. The idea of narak is more than people whom we cannot recognise or languages we cannot understand. Candor is at its best in the comments and would not like to add more, but definitely, a piece of my mind, This Article SUCKED big time !!!!!!

Hrishikesh said...

Oh my... What happened here?

Seriously... if (and this is from the comments) I think what actually happened did happen, it's no big deal... Everyone has their first time shock at grant road... No reason it should be, but then again, it's still there!

I remember a friend of mine who went to Lamington and took one wrong turn... Hell, actually, it'll make a good blog post... Will put it up in a day. Sorry about that.

But seriously, can we get another post with some clarifications?

Unknown said...

This post wins the hands down Award for the most commented post on the Bhim's Eye Blog. You are now into the royal Hall of Shame (or is it Fame).


Varun Rajkumar said...

Shame it is!!!


amey ashok kulkarni said...

My net was down and hence the delay in putting up my replies. apologies.
This is supposed to be a fiction and Kunal is not exactly me, though I have constructed the narration from my real life experience. So the authentic sources testifying to the porn endeavours of "Kunal" are out of context.
The story is actually open to the reader's interpretation and hence I don't understand why the readers fail to take the innocence of Kunal at face value. The innocence could be in the context of unknowingly travelling into unknown territory without suspecting what lies ahead.(Unknown about future>).

Bhute Dude.........

"As for a community gathering consisting of elders..."
The post writes-
"HELD in his locality by some elders."
does the word held mean composed of? It means it was presided, facilitated by elders. I do value ur lingual judgemens and other opinions, but here while rubbishing the post, u seem to have been in a great hurry.
And don't mix two issues- the book and the ridiculousness of the post. U know I would need more than a month adn u could have conveyed ur wish in a separate e-mail or the timing could have been different. The fact that u being such a good communicator and still writing the deadline here indicates that u are mixing the two issues.

And Bhise dude.....
Thinking first about Marathi Manoos before the religion.... then y not about my locality, my family, me and only me---why do u want to stand opposite to somebody y not with the others. The "outsiders" in Mumbai are also human beings who need food to eat. About them shitting on the roads, many marathi people do it.


Rohit Bhute said...

Tch. HELD simply fails to qualify. You could have used ARRANGED or SCHEDULED. The qualifier is by. Your sentence implies its a regular activity carried out by a common restricted set of actors. Hence the response.

Even if you want me to treat it like a piece of shi... er, fiction; its woefully inadequate. Like Varun said, no head and tail. And hardly anything in between.


I figured to save you some time for your XAT. Hence I routed all communication through this page. 17 days to go.

And your old penchant for conveniently ignoring facts/comments/questions which you can't answer is back, I see. What about the essay challenge?

Hrishikesh said...

Seriously, I was expecting more in the comment... Sad.

Varun Rajkumar said...

Bhim you have dissapointed me too...Not responded to me, bhute, bhise,thite, dave.. properly.

i know you are studying , but am expecting a proper reply later.

14 comments.... and this one rocks!!!

amey ashok kulkarni said...

Varun, what reply do u expect?
I have replied to the releant points eg about hero in teh storyy seeing porn. I told that its a ficetion not a real life scenario. About what I meant about teh meeting at the end of teh story is- Hindu Ekikaran. See how Muslims live as a united unit in ghettos. Hindus shoulod learn some community feeling from them.
About the shame, and bad choice of names etc No need to comment, u expressed ur opinion (preference of names) and take that as a peripheral comment.

Rohit Bhute said...

"See how Muslims live as a united unit in ghettos. Hindus shoulod learn some community feeling from them."
-- Instead of breaking down barriers and diluting the stranglehold of rituals and religions, you are stereotyping people. Ghettos?... GHETTOS!!? Thats the only model of community bonding you can think of? What are you trying to do? You think people prefer living in ghettos? Fighting for living space in square feet. For water in cups and bottles. Not able to earn a living because no one comes in to do business. Not able to earn respect, becuase no one trusts a person from a ghetto. When law enforcement looks on you as a perp first and perhaps, as a victim later, if they feel inclined to. You should be breaking down ghettos, not asking for communities modelled on them. Go see Birmingham and other cotton industry towns in England to see what "Hindu" ghettos look like.

Just when I think I can't hold you in any more contempt, you prove me wrong.