Thursday, November 24, 2005

Post election drama

There was rioting in the BJP office in Patna because Modi was made deputy CM instead of Chaubey or Yadav. Now few years back the BJP could declare itself a party with a difference. But then what can one expect given that the BJP president is going to step down just now at the age of 79. The challenge in Bihar is performance that is visible. This is going to be difficult- more thatn anything else there needs to be attitudinal change and this could be termed as easy as it might be classified difficult.
Lets hope the tag of cultural heartland of India becomes its economic heartland as well.

Lot is being said about the Right to Information Act and how it will change the way in which governance is carried out. But I was just wondering y weren't ppl od Maharashtra informed enough that the state had a similar act before the central act was enacted. Maybe the government employees will far more used to the act.
I would also like to write about the tribal Act but not now- too tensed with the exams.

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Varun Rajkumar said...

I am earger to see what Nitish Kumar could do to Bihar...
Lets wish him all the luck in the world,
he needs it!!!