Saturday, November 26, 2005

Dancing to the tune Singer Varun

Few weeks ago Varun was singing:
Gela Gela Lara Gela Gela
Now he back to singing the same tune with a different lyrics.
Gela gela gela gela gela
Ball boundary la gela gela gela.

The first image shows Lara struggling, the second taking the pains of the effort and the third shows his subdues celebration and humble acknowledgement to the overwhelmed crowd.

I will finish off with this quote from cricinfo
"Poor umpiring decisions have been a major reason for his difficulties as the series was lost in two matches, but Lara did not complain and set about rectifying his personal situation with an innings most geniuses wouldn't have bothered with."

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Varun Rajkumar said...

see my comment in response to yours in my post...
Lara can dance.. but one thing.. its always Warne who plays the drums dude...

Forza Sachin!!!