Saturday, October 29, 2005

Freedom of choice

There are very many horrible miseries in life. One may suffer from physical pain, mental agony, tragedy, nature's wrath etc. On a particulat evening when I was coming home from the college, I was standing at Andheri Railway station PF 1. The trains usually come every 3-4 mins and so one has to hardly wait for one. But then it was around 7.15 pm and ther trains at this time are very crowded and come at a frequency of 10 mins. But then there are also trains to go to kandivli from PF-4(they are ususlly emptier). So I thought lets check up if there is a train from PF-4.What I learnt was this-There is train coming on PF-4 in 1 min and to PF-1 in another 1min. I was faced with the situation as to which train do I catch? which train would be less crowded and would give me a pleasanter journey. The decision making was the most painful (that was the day of our project presentation aur alreadyshot baitha tha).
Now I am faced with another choice THE ELECTIVE. After the OOAD experience, I am really worried. Going by my career goals (management) Project management is a good subject. But, is it a subject of which I would like to give a paper? (theoretical). The teaching methodology of PG kuch ras nahi aai, but then IIMS would be something like this only except that they would be strict and demanding. Again what would a subject like FACTS teach me? Am I going to use the subject matter in my future life?
Most of the OOAD guys are apprehensive and have the feeling that we would be inviting trouble by taking the subject.
I would be learning PM in a B-school, if I ever get into one. And I don't know how much practical applications I will learn from the elective.

And that is y I say no tragedy or situation is as bad as the one in which u are left alone to make a choice and then bear responsibility for it.
the most painful is the freedom to choose


Hrishikesh said...

Let's face it: FACTS is going to be like HVDC. Read from books, "study" and vomit.

You might like robotics: maths, mechanics. But then again, no AI, no practical apps, and Bhitre.

Illumination Engineering sounds kewl, but we do not know who will teach it, and if it really will have any applications for us. Plus, we'll be the first batch with an IE paper!

PM sounds the better of the lot. There are a lot of things we can do to simulate a project, unfortunately, we won't. But that is another story.

I for one, am sticking with PM.

Varun Rajkumar said...

join me bhim...
putting in a request for a course in fashion designing as an elective!!!