Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Open up (Notebook)

Friends, after witnessing a lot of fights, some sensible (Bhute Vs Thite) and others just for the sake (Bhute Vs Bhise), I have finally migrated to Linux.
And guess what, I have made my recently purchased Compaq notebook totally open. It has only one OS and it is Kubuntu. Now the three of us Bhute (Ubuntu), Bhise (Xubuntu) included have Ubuntu with each enjoying his flavour of the Desktop.
The migration has been made possible after I learnt Solaris on joining Siemens.
I would like to thank Bhute for spending his time on me and help me migrate to the open world - I myself feel free. Though the change has been sudden and I don't have my old ways to fall back on, I am navigating the open world by RTFM.
Both my notebook and me will take some time to stabilise with the new OS. This would be the time of maximum learning. Also, I feel fully confident of using the net for more purposes as Linux is free of malice. So, the next step would be to configure my personal financial software and use it to track my investment portfolio online.

As for the lady in the pic, I simply can't see her marrying to Salman. It is difficult to accept. But, I have always maintained that man should always accept the truth and I have had the strength till this point in my life.

So, adhering to the principle of accepting the truth and conronting relaity head on, read the piece of article on this link http://valueresearchonline.com/story/storyview.asp?str=9903 and send in your comments.


Rohit Bhute said...

"Open laptop". Is that mockery I sense?

Varun Rajkumar said...

When I see the Kat pic... I remember the famous Anna Kournikova Addidas add with the more famous punchline:

"Only the Tennis Ball Should Bounce..."

Rohit Bhute said...

That was the Hingis ad punchline, IIRC.

amey ashok kulkarni said...

Guys, just keep off her.
Have your Hingis and Annas.

Rohit Bhute said...

First decide who you want. Takia, Kaif, Shetty and now this Kangna and who knows who else. You get only one. The rest go to others.

Varun Rajkumar said...

It was Anna Bhute dude... because as far as Hingis is concerned, the Tennis ball would be the only thing bouncing!