Sunday, May 13, 2007

At what cost?

We make choices everyday, some with due consideration some impulsively. Choices decide the course of our journey and we realise which road we are on only after coverung a great distance. Then we start thinking: Am I achieving what I had set out to? Were the sacrifices I made to come here worth it? Do I really want this at the price I paid for it? Many a times either we don't realise how much we pay for something or we don't anticipate what price we will have to pay in the future

This is the theme of the movie "Life in a Metro". We work long hours just to earn few more Rupees for our family, but do we realise that our family requires more time than money? What happens when the spouse can't fulfill their emotional needs from each other? (Shilpa and Kay Kay).
The "at whatever cost" attitude makes us commit so many crimes, but only when the consequences are reflected in our personal life do we realise that the "cost" was just too high. (Sharman and Kangna-what a babe).
The movie also narrates the oft repeated story of "waiting a bit more for the perfect thing". One can always invest more time and achieve more but the law of diminishing returns always holds and one should not expect "beyong a point". (Konkana and Irfan).

So, all in all the movie makes us sit back and think about what we are running after and what we are leaving behind.

PS: Shilpa has one of the best figures in Bollywood. The pic is the first on my blog which tilts towards beinf termed erotic

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