Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Reporting from IIMA

Guys, I am in IIMA and I tell you this is a fabulous place.
Anyone from SPCE will immediately be awed by the hostel itself leave alone the other parts.
Though, I wonder at the absence of any security(nobody says anything wherever you go) once you enter the campus, especially after all the blasts occuring and India rapidly turning into an Israel.
I will be having my interview tomorrow for the FPM programme.
Looking forward to playing a few games (basket ball,badminton etc) in the meantime.
The place looks very empty and serene though a lot of activity is going inside its belly.

About the comment which akshat has left.
Go and read the "Hadis: religious faith or fanaticism" by Ram Swarup at
You may also read other books like:
1. what happened to Hindu temples
2. The Calcutta Quran petition.

Its not just a case of clerics instigating the uneducated. It is also in the philosophy and history of Islam that one observes so much violence and intolerance in the Islamic world (not just India and not just a couple of years or decades).
Go and read about the concept of Darul-Islam.

PS: If you want a brief summary of the above books/issues, mail me I will write to you


Varun Rajkumar said...

put in ur interview dude... i am more interested in that...


varun bada deshpo hai...
kitne interviews padhega be...kabhi khud bhi deke aa, jyada experience milega..
aur about islam..well bhim ...u know wat my stand i need to explain it...

Unknown said...

Bhim dude,put your all energy in interview,I want to see you go through...
IIM-A needs despo like you,so best of luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Akshat Kumar said...

Hey Ameya, my only point is, one should not typecast or stereotpye a particular community.Although many terrorist incidents taking place are caused by members of the community, a majority of the 1 billion+ population is reasonably peace loving. Imagine the havoc that would spread if all of them went all out for conflict.