Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Concise press statement on Sachin's record

Tendulkar has hit his 35th test century and broken the world record of yet another Indian protégé- Gavaskar. This feat is just a reminder and the accolades a small recognition of his talents and contribution to Indian cricket.
Tendulkar’s career graph has been flat with consistently good performances under all conditions. He has also been compared to the best ever and here is where I would like to make my dissenting voice heard. Sachin has tended to fail on critical occasions e.g. WC 1999 Super six match against Australia. Though he is a match winner, he hasn’t performed feats like Lara- the 153* in a final score of 313-9 to win the Test against Australia in 1999. Also, Lara raises his game according to the occasion- Australian tour of West Indies in 1999, first match of WC 2003 against South Africa, his first Test century 277 against Australia at Sydney are among the numerous such occasions. Sachin’s one day performance has overshadowed his Test batting which requires more patience, stamina and application of the basics and thus Sachin has remained the king of One day cricket but there are others in the Test arena.
So, at this moment of jubilation we Indians should not compare him with anybody as he is a genre in himself and every great man has qualities which make him unique. We should learn to acknowledge talent outside India and not become sycophants.
Did you know that Sachin has been awarded by the Dept of Income tax for paying the largest tax and he runs orphanages for children donating both time and money? Thus we must also celebrate his off the field heroics and hope that India gets such world beaters in as many different fields as possible.


Rohit Bhute said...

I'd throw your press statement out of the window.

First, yes, everyone knows who you are talking about. But for the sake of connectivity, its good to mention "Sachin Tendulkar" atleast once before alternating between his first and last names. Or nicknames, titles, epithets for that matter.

Sample this - title - Amey tops results in sem 7. Body of report - Hate has scored an incredible aggregate of 78% ....

Trical students will say, WTF? You get the idea? Establish the person you are talking about. The next time you write a "press statement", it might not be about someone famous.

As for the rest, if I had written it, I won't be happy. But then, I don't want to get into a habit of making your comments bigger than your posts. Besides, language is a matter of perception and interpretation and I won't be grading your XAT papers.

Varun Rajkumar said...

First Sachin Tendulkar...

Firstly, Sachin has proven himself in both forms of the game... which
Brian Lara has not. That puts him in a class of his own... no use comparing him to such "mortals".

There have been occasions when Lara has been outside the West Indies team... but has ever Sachin been out of the team even once in his carrier spanning over 16 years... never.
He was then, now and will be a part of both the teams.

Just as many test innings you have counted of Lara.. I can point out, both test and one day innings of Tendulkar.
One day:Some of his great knocks include the ones at Sharjah(two consecutive centuries.. against Australia.. no Indian would forget that...). Also remember his knock against Pakistan..in the world cup 03.. tht set the tone for the india victory.

Sachin has been the highest run scorer in the 96 and the 2003 world cup.... Lara isnt even close.

In both these world cups.... India have reached the semi Final and the final.. Well, lara was a big dud in both these world cups...

IN test Cricket:.. Sachin sent the aussies home with his 155 in Chennai.. Thanks to Sachin.. even Mumbai defeated Australia...

Sachin's 136 against Pakistan.. was one of the best knocks in the world.. it was unfortunate that India lost that match.

Sachin's 194 @ multan...Sehwag stole the show.. but Sachin's knock was equally inportant, because taking Lara's case here again... he might bat very well(remember Sydney not so long ago??).. but still West Indies lose the match.

Sachin can ball too dude... ever seen Lara swinging his arm??
I can give more records.. but then again I dont want to make u cry...

He's won the match for India with his bowling as well...(5-32 against Australia at Kochi)

His off the field personality makes me proud of the fact that he represents INdia.

If u call Lara a legend....
U can call Sachin .. God.

I dont want any more comparisons on this Issue.

(Note: My Favorite Batsman.. is Virender Sehwag... not Tendulkar.)

Varun Rajkumar said...

and now abt your English...

Its pretty good. Good Improvement.. take bhute's advice..you will rule the world!!